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          Internationally acclaimed playwright EDWARD CROSBY WELLS has had his plays produced from coast to coast in the U.S. and in Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain (translated into Spanish), South Africa, Belgium (translated into Flemish) Poland (translated into Polish), New Zealand and Australia. He is the winner of several international playwriting awards including the Spotlight On Best Play Award for Excellence in Off-Off Broadway Theatre for three consecutive years. His work is published by Greyridge Press, Cyberpress, StagePlays, Meriwether Publishing Ltd., Production Scripts, Smith & Kraus, Inc., and Samuel French, Inc. Edward recently finished his first novel, QUEEN CITY AND OTHER DIMENSIONS, a wildly wicked, irreverent, blasphemous, satirical novel. Look for it in early 2017 and buy it before the book-burners get there first! Written under the pen of E.C. Wells.

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          "Edward Crosby Wells is an accomplished and original playwright whose varied works have gained growing esteem.  He shows remarkable and equal proficiency in comic, dramatic, and fantastic works. One never knows what to expect from each new play of his, except that they always show technical skill, poetic insight, and theatrical acumen." ~Robert Patrick, Drama Desk and OBIE Award-winning Playwright and author of Broadway's Kennedy's Children

          "[Wells'] works are expertly layered and the characters are well thought out, portraying real people. He is equally talented with both comedy and drama. His dramas are beautifully crafted and engrossing and his comedies are arguably the funniest you will ever see." ~Frank Calo, SPOTLIGHT ON PRODUCTIONS, New York City          

          "Wells' dialogue is snappy, clean and often very funny. He has a talent for writing lines for his characters that rarely miss their marks. Whether it is outrageous humor or cutting cynicism, Wells is always on target . . . . Wells shows talent for offbeat dialogue that makes heavy themes bearable." ~ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL

          "Wells' dialogue is clever and witty." ~NEW MEXICO DAILY LOBO

          "Brilliant dialogue"  ~KDHX, St. Louis

          "Wickedly witty . . . sensitive." ~WMNF, St. Petersburg, FL

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          The novel, QUEEN CITY AND OTHER DIMENSIONS, is a satire that explores time travel, astro projection, and folding space by the perfectly ordinary citizens of Queen City, Colorado who are extraordinary in their own way. A sample of those being satirized starts with Trump, the Supreme Court, Senators, evil benefactors and religious mythology. There is always a book, and this one comes from outer space tens of thousands of years ago. It is pursued by many, which includes the Vatican and through a succession of hands from the Dark Ages, the Inquisition, and the Crusades. The origin of the book is Planet X. The inhabitants of Queen City (and elsewhere) become victims of a fracking epidemic; brainchild of the Koch brothers who, along with Dick Cheney and other luminaries, have set up shop by Lake Titicaca in Peru near a retreat for the unusual and the famous, called Puerto Nostradamus. The person who owns it is the aunt of Victoria Aires, who is at the juncture of Queen City society. Some citizens of Queen City pass time as members of the Friends of Erotic Artifacts and, in this case, they explore a cavern behind the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Command Center with erotic pictographs and encounter a super secret government plot. This is only one of many groups Victoria Aires and her friend Lily belong to where they explore art, bullshit, and the art of bullshit.